The winter makes life a lot harder than at other times of year, especially for those of us who live in areas where heavy snowfall is the norm. The old routine of getting up in the morning, getting out into the drive and clearing a path for the car to get over is one that nobody looks forward to. Cold, wet and very annoying, it’s something you can do without. What if there was a way of making this essential yet horrible job easier and quicker? There is, and it’s all about the electric snow shovel.

Snow Joe ION 13SS Cordless[ Our #1 Choice ]

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  • 2 Year warranty
  • 13 Inches Clearing Width
  • 5lbs Weight
  • Cordless (Battery Powered)

Greenworks 2600802 Corded

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  • Huge 4 Year Warranty
  • 12 Inches Clearing Width
  • 14lbs Weight
  • Market Leading Brand

Toro 38361 Power Shovel

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  • 13lbs Weight
  • 12 Inches Clearing Width
  • Twin Blades
  • Corded

Earthwise SN70016 Corded

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  • 16 Inch Width
  • 16lbs Weight
  • Twin Blades
  • Corded
  • 2 Year Warranty

Snow Joe 323E Electric Snow Shovel

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  • 13 Inch Width
  • 16lbs Weight
  • 6 Inch Depth
  • 10amp Motor
  • 2Corded

What is an Electric Snow Shovel (or Power Shovel)?

There are many types of electric snow shovels (also known as a power shovel), but essentially it’s a snow clearing machine that does the job you normally do – shovelling up the snow and throwing it from one place to another – easily and with little effort. They’re snow shovels with an auger, and whilst power snow shovels are not always electric, in this review we’ll only be concentrating on those that are as they are among the most convenient for the average homeowner.

Electric snow shovels come in a two main types; corded and battery powered. Those that use a power cord will of course need to be plugged into a power outlet in your home or garage, but since Lithium Ion batteries became much better in performance and longevity, many people nowadays prefer those that come with a rechargeable battery pack as they are more portable and can be moved around with greater ease.

An electric shovel, or power snow shovel works by mechanically lifting the snow with an auger, so you can throw it where you want, or in many cases, they propel the snow many feet away automatically, making your life a lot easier in the process! You can choose from those that are manual – you have to push them yourself – or that are self-propelled, and there are a range of different clearing widths, depths and sizes to choose from too.

Put simply, for an easy life in areas of heavy and frequent snowfall and to keep your drives, paths, patio and decks clear of snow, you will find an electric snow shovel to definitely be a worthwhile investment, and they are not at all expensive compared to full size gas snow blowers when you consider the job they do and the time you’ll save. We took a look at the ten best electric snow shovels on the market and rounded up our favourites for you below.

Top 10 Best Electric Snow Shovels for 2018

1. Snow Joe ION 13SS Cordless Snow Shovel

Snow Joe iON13SS Electric Snow Shovel

  • 2 Year warranty
  • 13 Inches Clearing Width
  • 5lbs Weight
  • Cordless

The first model we chose, the Snow Joe ION 13SS, is a cordless electric snow shovel. This model comes with a carry case – a neat touch – and is perfect for all the household use you need including patios, and at just 14.5lb can also be used for clearing the edge off roofs. It can clear 13inches wide and six deep, so is great for heavy falls. It’s easy to start with one button and does the job, and at around $145 is decent value too. There are tons of Snow Joe reviews on Amazon so if you’d like to see just why this electric shovel from Snow Joe made it to the first place on our 10 best electric snow shovels list, click the review button above.

Battery powered or cordless snow shovels, of course, have their pros and cons: first, you don’t have a power cord limiting you to distance, but you do need to charge it up and it does have a limited charge. This shovel shovel from Snow Joe has a 2-blade auger that clears plenty of snow, and will run for around 50 minutes on one full charge. That may be OK for some, but might not be enough for others in heavy snowfall areas.

Pros: Good clearance, works in heavy snow, cordless electric shovel and quite lightweight

Cons: Battery powered means limited usage and it can only throw in one direction

2. Greenworks 2600802 Corded

Greenworks 2600802 Corded Electric Snow Blower

  • Huge 4 Year Warranty
  • 12 Inch Clearing Width
  • 14lbs Weight

The first of our selection to feature a cord, this one comes from Greenworks, who are a market leader in electric snow shovels. It’s a neat, tried and tested design that comes with many excellent features. It has a two-paddle auger, a simple propelling action and a suitably lengthy cord, and will clear 12 inches by six inch depth, so is perfect for heavy falls.

For some people, the cord may be a problem, but we see it is a simple solution; there’s no charging, and no limit to the time you can use the snow shovel. It has an easy start button, is light to manoeuvre, and will do the job with ease, and it works well on uneven surfaces too. At under $100 it is also very good value, so worth checking out.

Pros: Trusted brand, powerful, easy to use and affordable

Cons: Limited cord length and not automatic

3. Toro Power Shovel 38361

Toro 38361 Power Shovel

  • 13lbs Weight
  • 12 Inch Clearing Width
  • Twin Blades
  • Corded

Another brand with a wide range of products, Toro presents this bestselling corded 12-inch Toro power shovel that is highly impressive. This Toro electric power shovel is a corded model, so if you are looking for a rechargeable it is probably not for you, but it can clear a 12inch width and six inch depth with ease, and is light at just 13lbs so is very easy to move around.

The Toro Power Shovel can blow 300lbs of snow a minute, sending it 20feet away so you get a good distance and clearance, and it has twin blades for added effectiveness. We also like the cord lock system for increased safety featured on the Toro snow shovel and you have a telescopic handle that you can use to control the direction of the snow you are blowing, all at around $65 is surprisingly good value. Want to learn more? Read our full Toro Power Shovel review.

Pros: Lightweight, easy to use, twin blade power shovel and good depth of clearance

Cons: Corded and not as powerful as some other electric snow shovels

4. Earthwise SN70016 CordedEarthwise SN70016 Electric Snow Shovel

  • 16inch width
  • 16bs weight
  • Corded
  • 2 year warranty

This is a big model of electric shovel among those we have reviewed so far (read our full in-depth review and buyers guide here), and as such is well worth looking at. It’s from Earthwise, who have a wide range of these machines, and it offers a massive 16-inch width and 8-inch depth clearing capacity, so is one of the more powerful and capable of all the electric snow shovels offered here. It’s also heavy, at 16lbs, and is a corded model so may not be for everyone.

You can angle the chute in three different directions for added versatility, it has large wheels for moving it around and it can handle even gravel areas and other uneven surfaces. It is powered by a 12-amp motor for even more capability. All in all, this is a heavy duty snow thrower for the home user, and at around $90 and with a capability to move more than 400lb of snow a minute it is well worth looking at.

Pros: Powerful motor, 16inch and 8inch clearing depths, good price and easy to use

Cons: Heavier than some other models and corded

5. Snow Joe 323E Electric Snow ShovelSnow Joe 323E Electric Snow Shovel

  • 13 Inch Width
  • 6 Inch Depth
  • 10amp Motor
  • Corded

Another bestseller from the Snow Joe electric shovel rangeSnow Joe are one of the market leaders in quality home use snow shovels – this power snow shovel is a corded model and is one of the most powerful from this maker. It comes with 13inch width blades and augers for adequate clearance to a depth of 6 inches, and is easy to use and manoeuvre at just 13lbs in weight. If you’d like to read some of the SnowJoe reviews from real customers who have used it, click the reviews link above and prepared to be impressed.

With the Snow Joe shovel you also get a cleverly designed adjustable handle that means it can be used by anyone, and it is designed to handle even the most troublesome of surfaces. Its wheels are durable and it can be easily transported, and with an impressive clearance rate per minute of 400lbs of snow, at around $90 it is decent value.

Pros: Wide 13 inch clearance width, easy to use, lightweight and well priced

Cons: Corded and there are more powerful models available for heavier snow

6. WEN 5662 Snow Blaster

WEN5662 Snow Blaster Electric Snow Thrower

  • 18 Inch Clearing Width
  • 8inch Depth
  • 490lbs Per Minute
  • Corded

This is a heavy duty snow blower that would be perfect for anyone who has to deal regularly with heavy falls. It’s from a well known manufacturer called WEN, it can clear up to 490lbs of snow a minute, and it has an 18inch clearance and a 7.8inch depth, so will quickly clear a path on your drive or across your garden. It throws snow up to 20ft for decent clearance.

However, being a large and very powerful machine, it is also heavy at more than 30lb, so is not one for using when you need a light and simple piece of kit. The chute can be rotated by 180degrees, so you can direct the snow wherever you want, and large wheels make it easy to move despite the weight. At around $110 dollars, however, it is very good value, so we recommend you take a look if you are subject to a lot of snow.

Pros: Powerful motor, heavy duty, massive clearance and well priced

Cons: Much larger than normal electric snow shovels, harder to store and it’s corded

7. Outsunny 16 Inch Snow ThrowerOutsunny 16inch Snow Thrower

  • 16 Inch Clearance
  • 6 Inch Depth
  • 700lbs per Minute
  • 20ft Distance

This is a nice power shovel for anyone who needs a snow thrower at a sensible price that does the job. It has a 16-inch width for clearance, and can dig down to 6inches which is about the standard acceptable depth. It’s a neat design that is corded and powered by a 9amp motor which is more than adequate. It blows 20ft away, so you get decent clearance for your drive or path, too.

This one claims to be able to move as much as 700lbs of snow in a minute – that sounds like a lot to us, but it is big enough to do the job – and it is a comfortably designed model with an adjustable handle that makes it easy for anyone to use. It has large wheels for ease of movement, and although it is heavier than some at 20lbs, at around $70 it is very good value compared to some of the other electric power snow shovels featured here.

Pros: Powerful, 700lbs a minute clearance, easy to use and very cheap

Cons: Corded and slightly heavier than others

8. EJWOX Electric Snow Thrower

EJWOX Electric Snow Thrower

  • Corded
  • 16 inch width
  • 700lbs capacity
  • 5inch wheels

This model is very similar to that above in that it features a 16inch width and a 700lbs per minute snow removal capacity, and comes with some neat features too. An adjustable handle allows you to change its height so anyone can use it, it has large wheels for ease of movement, and it is simple to use and throws the snow the usual 20ft away for good clearance.

The 6-inch depth on this electric shovel is perfectly adequate for more than effective snow removal, and it comes with suitably lengthy cord so you can take it as far as it will allow. It does weigh 23lbs, however, which is somewhat more than some of these, but as a machine intended for heavy duty use, at around $90 it is a sensible choice for the home user with heavy snow to deal with.

Pros: Heavy duty powerful motor, 700lbs per minute clearance and a nice long cord

Cons: Corded and heavier than others

9. Power Products Electric Snow Thrower

Power Electric Snow Blower 13 Amp 20 Inch Snow Thrower

  • 20 Inch Clearing Width
  • 10 Inch depth
  • 13amp Motor
  • 27lbs Weight

This model offers by far the biggest width and depth clearance – 20 and 10 inches respectively – and is among the most powerful here. It’s also heavy at 27lbs, but that is to be expected with a machine of this size. It can move 500lbs of snow 20feet in one minute, so while capable is not on the par of the two above, but it is easy to use.

It comes with large wheels for ease of movement, is great on uneven ground, has a long cord so can go most places and doesn’t need charging, and is adjustable for height. It’s a very well-made model that fits the bill, and at around $130 while among the most expensive, is worth a second look.

Pros: Large clearance width and depth, powerful, easy to use

Cons: Heavier than others, corded and not the cheapest option

10. Greenworks 20” Snow Thrower

Greenworks 20” Snow Blower Electric Snow Thrower

  • 20 Inch Width
  • 10 Inch Depth
  • Powerful Motor

Our final selection is from the Greenworks brand – we’ve featured one of those already – and it’s a powerful and large capacity model. It offers 20 inch width clearance – among the biggest here – and 10inch depth, so can clear any area very easily. It is a large machine, however, so is not as portable as some, but comes with a lengthy cord and can cover uneven ground.

This one has the usual large wheels, is simple to use and throws the snow 20 feet so you can clear a decent space. It’s adjustable for height and has a chute that can be angled for convenience. All in all, this is a decent model that will be useful for homes with heavy snowfall, and at around $160 while the most expensive of all of these, is a quality machine that you should consider.

Pros: Powerful motor, adjustable chute direction, adjustable height and large capacity

Cons: Quite heavy and not the cheapest option, but a quality machine

Snow Shovel Review Conclusion

That concludes our top 10 best electric snow shovel reviews on the market today, and picking one out is not an easy task so we will leave it to you! We will say that there are a few factors to consider: whether you want a cordless electric snow shovel for added versatility but the need to charge often or a regular corded electric shovel that never needs charging. The width and depth capacity are also important and vary greatly among this list; and the price, which can be anywhere from around $70 to $170.

The choice is yours, but whichever one you choose, an electric snow shovel will make your life in the winter a great deal easier!