There are few things as irritating in the wintertime as stepping out of the house to see your car trapped in a tomb of ice and snow. Even spending ages sweeping it all away by hand still leaves you with a thick sheet of ice blocking the windshield.

This is why investing in a decent snowbrush is worth the effort. It is not the most exciting tool in the world, but after a winter storm it may as well be Excalibur.

Top 5 Best Snow Brushes for Cars

To save you the trouble of shopping around, we put together a list of the 5 best snow brushes on the market.

1. Snow Joe Original 2-in-1 Snow Broom Review

Snow Joe Original 2-in-1 Snow Broom Review

The Snow Joe is truly one of the big guns of our selection. Weighing only around a pound, it features a telescopic handle, extending the broom from 33-inches to 52-inches.

At one end of the handle is an 18-inch wide broom capable of pushing away heavy snow quickly and efficiently. The broom is made with a non-abrasive foam so you can safely brush away snow without worrying about scratches.  At the other end is a durable ice scraper for clearing away layers of frost on the glass.

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Having all of this in one adjustable tool takes away much of the hassle of ice scrapers and snow brushes. You do not have to switch between two tools or change the heads. Instead, you simply flip the Snow Joe around and adjust the handle length when needed.

Lastly, the Snow Joe is easily disassembled and stored in the garage or trunk. At well under $20, the Snow Joe is a steal. For versatility and price, it is one of the best.

2. Hopkins Ice Crusher Extendable Ice Brush

Hopkins Ice Crusher Extendable Ice Brush

Like the Snow Joe, the Hopkins Ice Crusher is for those who live in a world positively terrorized by the winter. Extendable up to 51-inches, lightweight at just over half a pound, and featuring three separate tools, the Ice Crusher is the true multitool on our list.

The broom is small but has durable bristles that push away both the mountains on the roof and the hills on the mirrors. On the other side of the broom is a rubber squeegee for wiping away excess water.

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At the other end of the handle is a tough scrapper with separated ice chippers designed to break through the thickest layers of ice. The blade is wide and quickly rips away the ice in large pieces, so you are not stuck hacking away at fragments.

Designed thoughtfully, the Ice Crusher has two soft foam grips for comfort during the heaviest jobs. This makes the process a little less miserable as you work your way around the car. When finished, it can be telescoped down to 37-inches and put away without any trouble.

At around $25, the Hopkins Ice Crusher is one of the more expensive options to choose from. However, with adjustable length, three tools, and foam grips, it is well worth the price.

3. Snow Angel Telescoping Snow Brush

Snow Angel Telescoping Snow Brush

Unlike the previous items on the list, the Snow Angel Telescoping Snow Brush geared much more towards portability. With a telescoping handle the Snow Angel can be as small as 17-inches and as long as 24-inches.

Consisting of solid aluminum, it is built to last you several years without breaking or bending. The scraper is small but sharp and the brush is made with stiff bristles to better catch snow and sweep it off any surface.

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Made to be strong, compact and exceptionally portable, the Snow Angel is a fantastic choice for those who want a scraper that is easy to store and use quickly. It can fit in most driver-side doors and doesn’t need to be assembled. Moreover, at just over $10 dollars it will not give you sticker shock.

4. True Temper Scratch-Free Snow Brush

True Temper Scratch-Free Snow Brush

True Temper’s brush is perfect for anyone who wants absolute assurance that their car will not be damaged during cleaning. The brush is made from high-quality foam. It is specifically designed leave paint, trim and glass without a scratch or chip. Even more, it is freeze-resistant so the foam will never harden during extended use.

The brush is made with both a broadside and a curved tip. This makes the brushing process more efficient as the tip is able to clean window wells, mirrors, and other nuanced spaces. The scraper is integrated with two useful features; one side is made to chop up layers of ice while the other scrapes the pieces away.

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The True Temper comes in a variety of lengths and weights to suit your needs. Though it can be the expensive side, its high-quality materials will lessen any scratch-anxiety.

5. Hopkins Ice Hammer Snow Brush

Hopkins Ice Hammer Snow Brush

Sometimes you just do not need a telescoping handle with dual-headed capability and freeze-proof foam. This is where the Ice Hammer steps in. At around 23-inches long and weighing at around a pound, it is made from durable plastic and is the perfect scraper for those wanting something small yet strong.

The handle is designed to have an easy grip while also being water repellent to prevent slips. Furthermore, it is curved to add much needed leverage for tough patches of snow and ice.

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The brush has stiff yet gentle bristles that quickly sweep away piles of snow. The blade is built into the side of the brush making it easy to flip and break-up ice. The scraper is sharp and features chippers to better break up thick layers of frost.

If all you want is a sturdy brush that you do not have to think twice about, the Ice Hammer is for you. At barely over $10, it is an investment you will not regret when the storms roll in.

Review Summary

With these 5 choices, you have a wide range of possibilities. If you drive a truck or SUV and need to clear snow and ice quickly, a long telescopic brush will work wonders for you. If you just have a basic car and need to keep something handy around in the winter months the Ice Hammer or Snow Angel will never lose value.

A snow brush is a tool you do not often think about until you desperately need it. Save yourself the trouble and check these out.