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Whether you're in the market for a new snow blower, or need detailed guides to help maintain your existing machine, I've got you covered. Hi, I'm James Reeves & I'm here to share my 7 years of professional snow blower repair experience with you.

Two Stage Snow Blowers For 2022 →

Two-stage snow blowers are heavy duty & capable of chewing through up to 2 feet of thick snow.

Click to see my latest picks for the best snow blowers on the market in 2022.

Cordless & Battery Snow Blowers →

Battery powered snow blowers have little to no maintenance & are extremely easy to use for everyone.

Check out my latest picks for the best cordless snow blowers available in 2022.

Small Single Stage Snow Blowers →

Affordable, lightweight & perfect for homes that don't require extreme snow clearing capabilities.

Here you'll find my top #5 best single stage snow blower recommendations.

Handheld Electric Snow Shovels →

Ideal for small snow falls on paths, decks & driveways, electric snow shovels are cheap & easy to use.

I've written 5 electric snow shovel reviews to help you choose!

Commercial Snow Blowers →

When if comes to large commercial areas, you need something big & capable of a lot of snow.

These are what I consider 5 of the best commercial snow blowers you can buy.

Choosing The Right Snow Blower

Knowing how to choose the right snow blower can be a tricky subject for beginners. When you don’t understand the differences between the machines or their capabilities, you can often feel like you’re drowning in a sea of technical specs and brands marketing saying their product is the best.

Well to help alleviate some of that confusion, I’ve put together a bunch of guides will hopefully remove all the haze and give you a clear understanding of the best snow blowers on the market, and how to navigate it to find the best snowblower to fit your needs..

I’ve ordered these posts in the order I recommend you go through them as each guide builds your knowledge ready for the next (it’s up to you which order you go with though of course depending on your existing knowledge).

Using A Snow Blower Correctly & Safely

It goes without saying that snow blowers are dangerous machines with a lot of fast-moving parts that won’t think twice about human body parts or pets in the way. Knowing how to start your snowblower properly as well as use it safely is an extremely important topic, as they don’t give second chances.

I go over everything you need to know from starting your snowblower easily, and using it safely to ensure everyone’s safety.

Snow Blower Maintenance: Every Guide You’ll Need

Whether you’re new to snow blowers or have owned one for several years, maintaining a snow blower is vital to keep things running smooth. Ignore maintenance and you can expect some very stressful mornings in the cold, from non-starters to backfires and worse.

Here are my extensive guides which cover absolutely everything you need to know about snow blower maintainance on gas-powered two-stage snowblowers.

Snowblower Troubleshooting: Fixing Common Problems

With so many moving parts, it’s not uncommon for snow blowers to have various problems. These can range from pull cords not recoiling, to the entire engine not wanting to start altogether.

It goes without saying that gas snow blowers are much more prone to mechanical and engine problems than battery-powered models (in fact there’s very little you can do at home to fix these yourselves), so this section focuses purely on gas-powered two-stage snow blowers.

Other Useful Info & General Guides

The articles below are what I would consider ‘extra reading’. They don’t fall into any particular category on the site, but none-the-less they are topics I wanted to cover 🙂

Why not learn who invented the first snow blower and what it looked like, or perhaps take a dive into the different types of snow and ice that you can expect to come into contact with when outdoors using your snow blower.

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